About us

A P Wakeham Hire Ltd is a long established family run business based in the South West.   With a depot in Norfolk we are well placed to supply rotating tracked dumpers, excavators and attachments to the whole of the South of England, Wales and the Midlands.

We specialise in rotating tracked dumpers which offer several advantages.  By rotating the whole of the upper structure the need to turn the dumper is eliminated.  Once loaded, the dumper can simply travel to the tip site, rotate the upper structure to tip where required before moving back along the same track without the need to turn.  This saves time and reduces cutting up of the ground.  It also eliminates the need for a turning area.  This makes these dumpers particularly suited to wet conditions where turning a wheeled dumper around would lead to excessive damage to the ground.

Another advantage is that tracked dumpers offer low ground pressure, meaning that they can travel over soft or delicate ground without significantly sinking in.  This again makes them suitable for wetter conditions where a wheeled dumper would get stuck or cause deep ruts.  It also makes them suitable for environmentally sensitive areas where wheels would cause too much damage.

Wakeham Hire also has a long history of supplying excavators with our current range including long reach machines. The excavators can be supplied with wide track pads and biologically acceptable hydraulic oil which makes them particularly suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas.  Our attachments include flail mowers for cutting back brush and scrub as well as mowing buckets for ditch maintenance.